Jeff Bezos sells $2.5B in Amazon stock as exit approaches

This week’s sale marks Bezos’ first dump of Amazon stock in 2021. He sold more than $10 billion worth of shares last year. 

Bezos has committed $10 billion of his personal wealth to the “Bezos Earth Fund,” which aims to combat climate change. The billionaire also announced in 2017 that he would be selling at least $1 billion worth of stock each year to fund his rocket company Blue Origin, which announced Wednesday it will launch its first crew to space this summer. 

“The price of admission to space is very high,” Bezos said at a 2018 awards dinner. “I’m in the process of converting my Amazon lottery winnings into a much lower price of admission so we can go explore the solar system.”


Published by Nkozi Knight

Nkozi Knight is recognized as one of the top community advocates in Wisconsin and has volunteered over 400 hours in the last two years to help rebuild his community using his business and finance acumen. His efforts were rewarded with several Volunteer of the Year Awards, Leadership Excellence Awards, and individual awards from the nonprofits he has served. His passion lies in helping others succeed both personally and professionally through leadership, financial, and professional development training. Prior to his involvement in the community, Mr. Knight served in the United States Navy onboard LHD-5, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship used during Operation Enduring Freedom. Mr. Knight is also the grandson of George David (G.D.) Knight, a Vietnam Veteran who served in the United States Army as an enlisted soldier. Mr. Knight’s military roots date as far back as the Civil War. A 2009 graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mr. Knight earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Law Studies with a minor in Psychology. He is also a graduate of Marquette University’s Future Milwaukee Community Leadership Program which he completed in 2013. He is currently working on a Master’s in Leadership Studies from Marquette University as well. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, Alpha Sigma Lambda, National Honor Society, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee, Psi Chi, Fuel Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee Urban League of Young Professionals. Nkozi Knight currently serves on the board of Wells Fargo Veteran Team Member Network, Wells Fargo United Way Campaign for Giving, United Veterans Partnership, Inc., Marquette University EAA, Marquette University Scholarship Committee, and Above the Clouds, Inc. He previously served on the board of MULYP and still works with the organization to help with policy and politics along with professional development. Nkozi currently serves as the Director of United Veterans Partnership and the Founder of KING, LLC.

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